The Devi Series Ep. 1-5 on YouTube

Aks & Lakshmi release Eclipse Nirvana’s first ever YouTube series. Based on Devi: The Divine Feminine album, the 5 episodes showcase Abhirami Stotram, Bhagavati Stotram, Kamakshi Stotram, Devi Navaratna Malika Stotram, and Durga Pancharatnam, with transliterated lyrics in English. These videos highlight the musical chemistry between the three vocalists and the fresh new sound of […]

Aks & Lakshmi share 21st century devotional music at Stanford

Aks & Lakshmi were invited to present at Stanford University in an undergraduate class entitled Religious Poetry and Song of India. Taught by eminent Kabir scholar Linda Hess, the class surveyed the great Indian vernacular “poet-saints,” and Aks & Lakshmi shared songs of Mirabai, Surdas and Kabir while discussing the complexities of creating 21st century […]

Aks & Lakshmi release “Music for World Peace” EP

As a special release for the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week in February, Aks & Lakshmi released an EP entitled “Music for World Peace,” along with Padmini Chandrashekar. This thematic project features Narasinha Mehta’s Vaishnava Janato in Gujarati, Rabindranath Tagore’s poem “Mind without Fear” in English, and Paramacharya of Kanchi’s Sanskrit benediction for world peace […]